Coach and Liaison Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities of Team Liaisons

  1. Business manager – collect and track donations; make deposits and submit check requests; verify accuracy of monthly P&L statement; coordinate team fundraising; establish team budget in conjunction with coach (consider short and long term needs)
  2. Support coach – communicate regarding team needs; establish procedure for obtaining signatures on check requests
  3. Communicate team & MAB information to parents (forward emails as requested)
  4. Coordinate social activities (kick off parties, end of season banquets, parent gatherings)
  5. Support LCC, Foundation, and MAB activities
  6. Attend all MAB meetings (or send a team representative if unable to attend)
  7. Keep detailed records of what you do throughout the year to pass on to your successor; this should include a timeline stored in Dropbox
  8. In conjunction with the coach, identify your successor and facilitate the transition

AT NO TIME do liaisons pay for any competitions with personal credit cards.

Roles & Responsibilities of Coaches

  1. Coach – make all decisions regarding roster, playing time, training, etc.
  2. Clearly communicate expectations and responsibilities to athletes
  3. Manage assistant coaches
  4. Register team/individuals for competitions, tournaments, etc.
  5. Schedule practices & reserve field space as necessary
  6. Arrange for bus transportation with the district
  7. Support liaisons – be clear about what you need help with; establish procedure for obtaining signatures on check requests
  8. Promote LCC, Foundation, and MAB activities to athletes
  9. In conjunction with the liaison, identify his/her successor
  10. Collaborate with liaison to establish team budget; have a clear understanding of available funds and anticipated expenses
  11. Ensure each athlete obtains athletic clearance prior to participating in any official practice or competition

AT NO TIME do coaches have access to any parent donation information.