8/23/17 MAB Meeting Minutes

Coaches’ Meeting – Justin Conn introduced Foundation executive director, Dale Jaggers; Foundation president, Martina Sullivan; Foundation bookkeeper, Ellen Haines; and Athletic Booster president, Kelly Caponetto. Justin discussed Coach and Liaison Roles and Responsibilities, particularly the importance of coaches NOT knowing which families donate to the program. Coaches should always know approximately how much money is in their account and should anticipate future expenses. Liaisons should direct all questions regarding absences, playing time, etc to coaches. Many sports teams have accounts with ASB; to draw from those accounts, coaches or liaisons must contact Susie Gardner (suezan.gardner@sduhsd.net). Allow approximately 2 weeks.

Liaison Meeting – Kelly Caponetto introduced Athletic Director’s secretary, Char Grogan and thanked Dale, Ellen, and Martina for attending tonight’s meeting.

The MAB website (lccmab.org) has been updated; all documents that liaisons need are on the website (check requests, deposit forms, “ask” and thank you letter templates, banner forms, roles & responsibilities, fundraiser requests, etc).

It is critical that all fundraisers go through the Foundation; liaisons must submit a Special Event/Fundraiser form to the foundation office. Martina is working to make it possible to submit the forms online. Restaurant nights are included in this, although they don’t require approval; this will enable Marketing to inform our community of the event. Moira Goddard will be hanging the Football banners on Saturday, August 26 at 9am; liaisons are invited to hang their banners at that time so Moira can assist with placement. Contact Moira with any questions about gym or stadium banner sponsorships (megoddard@roadrunner.com). There are two additional outside fundraising companies. Liaisons may contact Daniel Hack at SNAP (daniel@snap-raiser.com; 858.525.2820) or Kim Freid at AnyThon (kimf@anython.com; 602.321.3721) for details on their programs. The Fundraiser request form must be submitted for these as well.

It is crucial that liaisons have a binder, folder, etc. detailing the responsibilities of the liaison. Please create this if it doesn’t exist; it should include a timeline of events, etc. This will make it much easier to hand off your role and facilitate a smooth transition. If you would like help creating this, email Kelly Caponetto (mab@lcchsfoundation.org).

Liaisons ToDos:

  1. Log in to your team’s Dropbox and familiarize yourself with the P&L statement; liaisons must review these each month. Please verify the names that have access to the dropbox and email Kelly (mab@lcchsfoundation.org) if anyone should be removed or added.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the MAB website (lccmab.org) and note the location of each of the forms/documents you will utilize.
  3. Discuss anticipated future expenses with your coach and establish a 3-year projection for large capital expenses. Contact Mark Durfee if you need help with this (mdurfee@roadrunner.com).
  4. Create a “hand-down” document/folder/binder that details your responsibilities and a timeline of events relevant to the team.

Remaining MAB Meetings (all liaisons attend each meeting):

  1. Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – 7:00 College & Career Center
  2. Monday, February 12, 2018 – 7:00 College & Career Center
  3. Tuesday, May 22, 2018 – 7:00 College & Career Center