11/15 Meeting Minutes

Justin Conn

  • Major topics discussed at the coaches’ meeting: The importance of focusing on character (as opposed to talent), and acknowledging that our athletes are students first. If any liaisons hear anything contrary to that, please contact LCC administration.
  • Several LCC teams have participated in and/or are in the midst of CIF playoffs, including girls Volleyball, Field Hockey, Football, Cross Country, and Boys Sand Volleyball.
  • Finances: Our tennis courts are being remodeled with funds from the district, tennis teams, and ASB. Also, the district has released Prop AA funds to complete a new weight room; architectural renderings will begin this Spring, with construction commencing during the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Other: the showers in the girls’ locker room now have hot water

Kelly Caponetto

  • Fundraising: Kelly attended a meeting at the SDUHSD office where the district’s attorney specified that it is important to say that donations are voluntary. The template has been updated accordingly and is posted on the MAB website. Please use it for “ask” letters; feel free to modify to suit your specific sport and email your version to Kelly if you wish. It is important to note that the district supplies the basics required to field each team; the donations we collect are the “icing” – fancy uniforms, extra coaches, invitationals, etc. However, the district only has so much money to be spread among all teams at all school sites. Club sports (non-CIF) are not funded by the district and are not required to adhere to CIF rules regarding donations vs. payment.
  • Thanks to Moira for managing the stadium banners and to Toni for managing the gym banners. There is still room in the gym if teams wish to obtain sponsors; forms are on the MAB website. Keep in mind that banner revenue is taxed as advertising income (25% after expenses). The Foundation Treasurer has withdrawn that amount for Football, Wrestling, Cheer, and Track to pay the IRS; please speak with Kelly to clarify and check your P&L.
  • Although coaches do not collect money and cannot know which families donate, they should always know approximately how much money is in their account and plan for non-annual expenses. Please discuss with your coach and contact Mark Durfee (mdurfee@roadrunner.com) for assistance in long-term forecasting.
  • Golf Tournament – Jill Williams is planning to organize a fundraiser for both golf teams in the Spring; any other teams that are interested in participating should contact Jill (jillwill4@gmail.com). There will not be a MAB general fundraiser this year; the Foundation fundraiser (formerly Taste of La Costa or Barn Bash) will be in the Spring and likely a social event at the Belly Up. Contact Kelly if you’re interested in helping out.
  • Football desperately needs help staffing the concessions stands this Friday; Kelly will forward the signup with the meeting minutes. Please forward to the parents on your teams!
  • Don’t go it alone.. if you’re feeling overwhelmed or uninformed, call or email Kelly (mab@lcchsfoundation.org). You are volunteers and we appreciate everything you do!

Liaisons To Dos:

  1. Log in to your team’s Dropbox and check the September and October P&L statements to ensure that the correct overhead allocation (5% of gross revenue) was drawn for 7/1-9/30. These funds pay for Ellen’s salary and office expenses.
  2. It is crucial that liaisons have a binder, folder, etc. detailing your responsibilities. If you have not already done so, please download the timeline template and modify it for your team; then rename and upload it to your Dropbox. This will make it much easier to hand off your role and facilitate a smooth transition when the time comes. I am happy to help – it really should just take about 15 minutes if you have your notes with you. I’m in the Foundation office Fridays from 9am-noon and you can work on it there if you like.

Remaining MAB Meetings (may move them up coincide with season breaks):

  1. Monday, February 12, 2018 – 7:00 College & Career Center
  2. Tuesday, May 22, 2018 – 7:00 College & Career Center